Friday, 11 March 2016

Another famous criminal asks Sean Penn for help

Steve Comisar’s Wikipedia page lists him as a con man. It’s not surprising since he has spent the last 15 years in prison on a fraud conviction. The FBI has ranked him in the top ten con men of all time, second only to Frank Abagnale, subject of the Oscar winning movie, Catch Me if You Can, directed by Steven Spielberg.

With one year to go before release, Comisar wants to make a career change from con man to actor. The only way to accomplish this is with the help of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Comisar has personally asked Sean Penn and others to lend a helping hand by giving him acting roles in their upcoming movies. He has also asked some of the top directors, like Steven Spielberg, and talent agents, like Ari Emanuel, to help him as well.

Comisar rose to fame as a con man in the 90’s after he was first released from prison. He reinvented himself as a celebrity con man and parlayed his brand into dozens of appearances on talk shows and news magazine programs. He appeared regularly as a fraud expert on Dateline NBC and The View. He also wrote the best selling book, America’s Guide to Fraud Prevention, which is considered the gold standard of the fraud industry. After securing a major talent agent, Comisar landed a co-starring role in the movie Tough Luck with Norman Reedus, the star of the hit television series, The Walking Dead.

Cementing himself as America’s foremost authority on fraud was not enough and soon Comisar got bored, committed more fraud, and found himself back in prison. This time he hopes to make the very difficult transformation from famous con man to working Hollywood actor. Comisar says, “If the people I asked are willing to help me, I know I’m going to succeed. If not, it’s back to the talk show circuit.”

While in prison Comisar has built an enormous social media empire which consists of over half a million Twitter followers and over 1 million views on his YouTube videos. Comisar, now 54, grew up in Beverly Hills, California. As a young man he studied acting with Lee Strasberg and has had supporting roles in many movies, television shows, and commercials. He is seeking assistance from any A-list actor, director, producer, or talent agent in Hollywood willing to help him.

Some of Comisar’s acting credits include the following movies and television shows: Tough Luck, Fists of Iron, The Seduction of Gina, Sister Dearest, Streets of Fire, Desert Sun, Hell Town, Throb, General Hospital, The Con Man, Making Crime Pay, over 50 television commercials, and over 75 talk shows and news programs. He won the Viewers Choice Award in 1998 for best guest on a television talk show.


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