Friday, 20 October 2017

My lips are sealed!

No comment on Etta Lucero until after the Dateline exclusive airs. No exceptions due to written agreement with NBC News.


Connie Bunnell said...

Nice to read your article

Unknown said...

This is Bill, legal representation for Etta Lucero. Ms. Lucero has zero association with the named: Steve Comisar. DATELINE NBC HAS BEEN CONTACTED, THERE IS NO STORY. MR. COMISAR LIVES IN A DELUSIONAL FAKE CELEBRITY WORLD. There is a restraining order on file and this false question associating Mr. Comisar to Ms. Lucero will be forced to be taken down. THIS IS FALSELY POSTED AND THERE IS NO ASSOCIATION WITHIN PARTIES. CODE 599267 UNDER LEGAL DISCLAIMER VIA GOOGLE WEBMASTER TAKE DOWN ORDER

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